Defending Ukraine Together

European Economic Senate
together with Ukrainian Ministry of Defence
sets up donation account and calls
on everyone concerned about the fate of Ukraine to donate.

Why this matters

We believe that a threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere. Lives of many people are being turned upside down by war, leaving millions of them in distress. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their efforts to maintain the integrity of their country.

We are determined to help, and your support is necessary.

Our goal is to collect funds for targeted aid for the people in Ukraine and to cover the real-time needs. We are here defending the values we share across Europe and the world.

Get involved and donate

Of course, we will confirm receipt of your donation. However, please we need the relevant address details when you transfer the money.

IBAN DE54 7008 0000 0493 6024 01

The owner is Europäischer Wirtschaftssenat e.V. – EWS at Commerzbank Munich.

Who we are

We are The European Economic Senate (EES), a committee of selected, successful companies and personalities. In order to shape the future of Europe, we provide political decision-makers with knowledge and experience in a dialogue based on partnership.

The guiding principles of EES are the “Social Market Economy” and the basic values of the “Honourable Businessman”.

 As a European body, the EES faces the challenges of our time, free of ideological or political constraints.

For help to be effective, it should come QUICKLY and be aimed DIRECTLY.

We need humanity right now.

Donate towards our Ukraine fund and help save lives now.